Yoga Teacher Training course in India, Bali and France. Intensive Yoga immersion including the practice of Yin, Thai Massage and Pilates.

Practice Yoga in Bali

Yoga in Paris

Practice Yoga in India, Goa

Do not miss our 200 Hour Yoga course in Bali, happening on April 2020 !

After successfully completed our course on April 2019, we are back in Ubud to led a full complete Yoga Training program.

During this month we will be covering the practice of Hatha Yoga AND Vinyasa Yoga.

Understanding the root of yoga is essential, as all postures have their root in Hatha Yoga.

Being able to make the difference between a “Hatha Yoga Style” and a “Vinyasa Yoga Style” class, is what you will be learning this month.

Learning and practicing the technic of Pranayama, discovering the Kriya Yoga and understand why they are one essential part toward the practice of Yoga.

From the second day of the course student will start teaching their first asana yoga class. Therefore, students will be guided on how to sequence their asana from an energetic perspective. This course is intensive and open to anyone who wish to deepen their practice.

For students who cannot attend a full month of Yoga course, we are also offering intensive yoga workshop in Bali.

This workshop is accessible to anyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner.

Wether you wish to deepen your practice or start practicing Yoga, this Yoga Immersion will give you insight toward the practice of Yoga. 

Students can choose to participate to Hatha Yoga and/or Vinyasa Yoga Intensive Immersion.

We suggest for beginner to start with the Hatha Yoga Practice. As well asana will be taught in detail, there will be regular session of Pranayama.

From November 2019 until February 2020 we are in Goa, Patnem Beach.

Offering Intensive Yoga Workshop in Goa, during which you will be practicing Vinyasa Yoga, Oil Yoga, Thai and Yin Yoga. Also some classes about Pilates.

Or you can join our 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India, happening on January 2020 in beautiful Patnem Beach.

You can also attend this course on 100 Hour Yoga Program (first two weeks of January). 

Learn and practice Pranayama, Asana, Adjustment. Teach Yoga from the second day of the course. Immerse yourself in a full traditional practice.


A little bit about me!

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is my daily practice. As I am following the parampara, I do not teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, unless I become authorized.

Wherever I am, I am unfolding my mat. Outside of it, I really love teaching. I have be trained in Thai Massage and Pilates. Therefore the movement in all of its dimension is a real passion.

For now I am between the East and the West, I hope in the near future to be able to settle down somewhere. But I am taking my time and enjoying Life as much as I can.

By my constant travelling I understood that Yoga is a real discipline. The journey has just started. 

Yoga Blog sharing the Path of Yoga!

Articles about Yoga and the practice, free yoga asanas chart to download

Prasaritta Padottanasana

Prasaritta Padottanasana

Picture : Sri Krishnamachayra (advanced practice with Bandhas).Prasarita : spreading - Pado : Foot, Uttana : Intense stretchThe traditional Series of Prasartia Padotanasana, is having 4 versions:A : Hands on the floor.B : Hands at the waist.C : Hands...

Ashtanga Yoga Practice Bangkok

Ashtanga Yoga Practice Bangkok

This shala is one of the more "strict" where I ever practiced.Without any discrimination, it is from my personal point of view that people from Asia, wether Korea, China, Thaïland, Japan, are extremely dedicated practitioners, very precise and demanding....

Ashtanga Yoga Bangkok

Ashtanga Yoga Bangkok

I am always very shy when I start practicing in a new shala.Even though everyone is practicing at their own pace, when you have to unfold your mat in between two practitioners, there is that particular moment during which you'll ask yourself "Do I have the...

The Mysore Style Practice

The Mysore Style Practice

Picture taken during the Paramaguru tour, Sharat Jois - December 2018.A little bit of HistoryMysore is a city located near Bengaluru, India, in the State of Karnataka.Sri Pattabhi Jois first established the "Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute" at his home in...

Seated Yoga Poses

Seated Yoga Poses

I have been watching many yoga videos from different social networks, and noticed that many of them are not covering seated yoga poses.Most of them, a one hour class is covering standing poses, starting from all Warrior series (Virabhadrasana) connected with a...

Interview with Iain Grysak

Interview with Iain Grysak

The first time I practiced with Iain Grysak was on February 2017. I attended the immersion Ashtanga Pranayama Course.I was reading his articles since 2015. The first article I read was Reflections on Mysore 6 Weeks. I become instantly hooked to his writing.2016 is the...

Looking forward to practice with You !

– Namaste –

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