As far as I remember, when I was a kid I always loved Christmas and specially the weeks before Christmas. I was looking for to decorate the house with all guirlandes and glitter at the windows.

The smell of Christmas is orange and cinnamon, Christmas tree and hot wine. Everything was so nice and perfect, with my sister we sat up on the stairs while our parents were putting our presents below the Christmas tree.

When we were youngers and still believer of Santa Claus we will woke up on next morning discovering our new toys.

Sometimes on the night of 25th I used to put back my shoes below the tree hoping that Santa will come back to bring more presents but it never happened.

I was born 3 days before Christmas, therefore a lot of people use to feel sorry for me as they thought that I did not get any presents for my birthday. I never understood it, how comes? Who will do that? I always have my birthday celebrated as well Christmas, it has never been mixed.

When I grew up and became adult Christmas was less charismatic. I had to work and December month was becoming stressful, buying presents for the family, as I was just starting working I wanted to impress everyone by buying expensive gifts. I thought it was supposed to be like that.

When I moved to Montreal Christmas was magical, purely a fairy tale. It was snowing so each years I lived in Montreal were white Christmas.

I was living at “Le Plateau” and all houses, apartments were decorated with lights, I even started to attend with some friends the midnight Mass at the church nearby. We were all slightly drunk but walking in snow at midnight to attend the mass was something we never wanted to miss. Only great memories I have from that time.

When I moved back to Paris it became a moment of introspection of my life. Because of my birthday I was completely down. I was comparing my life with others, not married, no kids, no cat, no dog, no boyfriend, it was a pathetic moment and I started hating Christmas and all the things that came with. Why should we buy anything to anyone only at Christmas? What is happening the rest of the year? We just don’t care about others? What should I be happy when I feel so miserable?

When I moved to India I discovered a new way of celebrating Christmas. No snow, no cold, a tropical Christmas. I started enjoying celebrating my birthday again.

Right now I am becoming neutral to Christmas and to my birthday. I realised that time is passing by, time flies and there is no more time for complaining about getting older because I can not stop the aging process!

This year I will be celebrating my Birthday and Christmas in Gokulam, Mysore and I am just wondering where I will be next year…….

Greetings to everyone, enjoy Life, Love and Family.

But most important thing: Be Happy and proud of what you are and what you have accomplished so far!