Going After Your Dreams…..

It is painful and scary as we have no idea where we set foot.

Staying on track is one the hardest thing to do.

It is easier to stay inside the comfort zone, toward what we know and control.

The path of chasing dreams is made of glory and loss(es), happiness is greater than can be the desperation and anxiety.

Anxiety comes with the feeling that we cannot give more and desperation of redoing it again and again.

It is having two new friends which are loneliness and envy.

Envy by the desire of coming back to where we belong and loneliness of taking a new path on your own, because not everyone is sharing the same dreams as you do.

The path is also made of cheating, humiliation, rejection as well full of light by your actions and audacity.

People, who would like to do what you are doing but without any guts of doing it, might told you “Oh you are so lucky to have this life“…… in that moment you will bite the bullet avoiding to reply to it.

It is taking the risk of loosing everything materially speaking, and becoming happier than ever understanding in the end happiness is priceless.

It is accepting to loose everything that you think you knew, realising the world is not equal as it is made of power and influence.

It’s about fighting windmills, and discovering flaws of our capitalist world, imposing us a way of thinking and pure conditioning.

It is accepting of being different, even thought sometimes you might try to step backward, you won’t be able to do it, because you do not fit in the mould anymore.

One day you might wake up, sicker than a dog in a bedroom where the furniture has not been chosen by you.

But, it is also blissful moments…

In which you will find yourself in the contemplation of bullfrog copulation, taking well care of not disturbing them while going back to your room.

Where in the middle of the night you will wake up suddenly, because of a lazy gecko falling on you, instead of walking down the wall.

Where you will be able to make the difference between a pet and a “real” dog.

It is also having only one paire of flip flop and tennis shoes for the all year.

You will be mixing all languages, creating your own patois, putting English/Spanish/French at the same time in the same sentence.

It is also slowing down. You will be so much alive during the all process that you will understand there is no point of running.

It is praising slowness.

Chasing our dreams is a luxury, available to anyone.

Are You ready for the Adventure of Your Life?