Photo Credit: Clio Pajczer – Ubud, Bali

Our body is made of 5 elements.

  • Earth – Bones
  • Water – Joints
  • Fire – Muscles
  • Air – Breath
  • Ether – Nervous System

From a yogi point of view Brahma granthi represents the pelvis and Vishnu granthi represents the rib cage, the upper body. In Sanskirt “granthi” means knot or even “doubts”.

Brahma granthi represent the fear of death, anxiety about food, shelter or clothing as Vishnu granthi is a knot of individual ego and power (source: Jivamutki)

The yoga practice through asana, pranayama, meditation allow to untie these knots but above all create an emotional and physical awakening of our being.

60% of the human body is water. For a new born it is about 78%.

The moon is the closest planet. The moon phase is having cycle of 29,5 days. For instance women cycle should follow the moon phase.

During the new moon (black moon, when it is not visible) liquids in human body are going down. Spring tide occurs during the full moon and the new moon.

The new moon is a transition, a moment of introspection during which the practice of yoga will be heavier, the mood will be changing (please notice the origin of the word “mood” come from “moon”), the body will be more lethargic, old wounds will awake, physically speaking the body is weaker.

Once the new moon phase has passed another cycle occurs toward the full moon, this cycle is more beneficial, the energy is coming back, the practice is very pleasant. During that time the practitioner is reaching a “peak” of practice.

During the full moon energy is higher, as well the tides, from a physical part the capacity of doing asana will be better and will improve drastically, however that is one of the reason we do not practice on the full moon day as the risk of wounds is more present.

As a regular practitioner it is easy to notice the evolution, the up and the down. Between 10 and 14 days we will consider our practices to be “really” good as for the other part we will feel that our practice is moving backward, what we gained will be lost, some postures that were easy won’t be accessible, pranayama become harder, energy is fully down, yoga mat can become a nightmare. Unfortunately that is a normal process.

Once you start realising it and understand it then it becomes easy to manage the good and bad day. There is no “good” or “bad” practice, there is just practice. The practice has to be done with consciousness.

Wether it is asana, pranayama, cooking, brushing, walking, talking, eating, it has to be done with full consciousness. That is when we become awakened.

Urban life style, office job, society conditioning are disconnecting ourself from our inner self. We are not following the season, from exportation we can eat strawberries in the middle of winter, from internet and television we have access to a lot of external disturbance, our behaviour are controlled by all kind of marketing power. Unless of major earthquake, volcano eruption, tsunami, flooding, Mother Nature is completely ignored. Animals are kept in zoo, dolphinarium, apartment, if we can pet any exotic animals we will because as a human being we want to control anything.

The practice of Yoga when perfectly done propose another perspective.

Instead of pushing, stretching, forcing against our will, let’s become awakened. Only when it happens we can take action.

Real time moon phase, check the Calendar.


Enjoy your practice!