Intensive Yoga Training Courses France, India & Bali

Before becoming a “yoga teacher” start by being a yoga practitioner.

Yoga is a discipline and has to be treated with respect. Yoga is not only a physical exercice, Asanas practice is the door to Yoga. Through the regular practice we develop our strength, not only the physical one but we also train our mind.

Yoga must be taught to anyone without any discrimination.

It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self and intelligence

B.K.S. Iyengar

Since I am travelling a lot for my personal practice, I spend most of my time in Asia and few months per year in Europe. Yogi Trupta and myself have been working together since the last five years. Together we are leading Intensive Teacher training programs and yoga immersions in France, India and Bali. Also we like to take the opportunity to work with other yoga teachers who inspired us.

Yoga Blog sharing the Path of Yoga!

Articles about Yoga and the practice, free yoga asanas chart to download

Going after your dreams

Going After Your Dreams..... It is painful and scary as we have no idea where we set foot. Staying on track is one the hardest thing to do. It is easier to stay inside the comfort zone, toward what we know and control. The path of chasing dreams is made of glory and...

Découvrir Goa

Photo Crédit : Yogi Trupta - Oil Yoga Goa est un état situé sur la côte sud-ouest de l'Inde. C'est une ancienne colonie portugaise qui a été annexée à l'Inde en 1961. C'est l'un des endroits les plus "occidentalisé" de l'Inde. Pour certains étrangers Goa n'est pas...

Light on Padmasana, the Lotus

Picture: BKS Iyengar Padma - Lotus, Asana - Posture It is a sitting posture and the level is for all. I have seen full beginners able to fold their legs in half and full Padmasana without any problem, as I have seen intermediate practitioner not able to do it at all....

Cobra or Upward Facing Dog?

Photo Credit: BKS Iyengar - Light on Yoga Bhujanga - Snake or Cobra, Asana - Posture I do believe there is some confusion about the Cobra pose, "Bhujangasana", and Upward Facing Dog, "Urdhva Mukha Svanasana". Urdhva - Upward, Mukha - Face, Svana - Dog, Asana - Posture...

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