Yoga Training Courses and Yoga Immersions in Goa, Ubud & Paris

Before becoming a “yoga teacher” start by being a yoga practitioner.

Yoga is a discipline and has to be treated with respect. Yoga is not only a physical exercice, Asanas practice is the door to Yoga. Through the regular practice we develop our strength, not only the physical one but we also train our mind.

Yoga must be taught to anyone without any discrimination.

It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self and intelligence

B.K.S. Iyengar

Since I am travelling a lot for my personal practice, I spend most of my time in Asia and few months per year in Europe. Yogi Trupta and myself have been working together since the last five years. Together we are leading Intensive Teacher training programs and yoga immersions in France, India and Bali. Also we like to take the opportunity to work with other yoga teachers who inspired us.

Yoga Blog sharing the Path of Yoga!

Articles about Yoga and the practice, free yoga asanas chart to download

Light on Marichyasana D

The Marichyasana series goes until H.Generally A, B, C and D are the most practiced.Level: AdvancedFamily: Seated yoga pose, twisting, hips and shoulders opening.For traditional Ashtanga Yoga vinyasa practice, this asana is one for the major key. If you are not...

Light on Marichyasana C

Seated Yoga pose.Level : Beginner with a variation. Intermediate and advanced.Family : Hips opener and shoulder, twisting pose.From Dandasana, bring the right foot toward the right sit bone. The right foot is not completely "glued" to the left inner tight. You can...

Light on Marichyasana B

Seated yoga pose. Forward fold, hips and shoulder opener.Level : Intermediate.From Dandasana, bring the left knee in half lotus. Place the left foot toward or higher of the right groin.Fold at the right knee and bring it toward the right shoulder. Right foot flat on...

Light on Marichyasana A

Photo : Sri KrishnamachayraMarichy: Sage IndienAsana : PostureSeated posture, forward fold.Family : Hips opener and shoulder.Level : For beginner use a yoga belt - can be intermediate level.There are seven versions of Marichyasana which are A, B, C, D, E, F and G.The...

Light on Janu Shirshasana

 Photo: Krishnamacharya (he was 83 years old when that pic has been taken).More information: Krishnamacharya's Mysore Yoga.... HomeJanu - KneeShirsha - HeadAsana - PostureFamily: Sitting posture, hips opener, forward fold.Accessible to anyone.There are three...

Steady and comfortable

2.46 - Sthira Sukham Asanam - Asana should be steady and comfortable.sthira - steady, stable, motionlesssukham - comfortable, ease filledasanam - meditation postureIt is interesting to notice the root of "asana" - "as" meaning is "to sit".Therefore, what Patanjali is...

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