In recent weeks I analysed social networks and the impact it could have on a professional activity.

I then browsed Instagram and spent a lot of time consulting different accounts about Pilates, Yoga, well-being, wellness and realised that nothing was innovative, everything has been done.

Nobody is unique and original, when you see a post from a “well known” figure on Instagram, understand someone with 5,000 followers, you can be sure that in a couple of week you will have the exact replica from someone else.

Everyone copies everyone wether with the posture, staging, scenery, sentence etc.

However the level is really high, if you are not able to bring your foot behind your head while folding forward you won’t impress anyone.

You can also choose to be part of the backbend “gang”, you will need to grab your foot or at least one ankle while dropping back, it is mandatory for a maximum views and likes. But please note that I found some pictures absolutely splendid. I wish I could do half of it!

If at all you want to add some text it has to be positive, no one wants to read that you had problem paying your rent last week, that you bank manager is a stupid being, that you are fully broke.

If you want to be “famous” on Social networks you need to sell dreams, be beautiful, healthy, vegan.

Or you can be deeply in love with your tender half and displayed it on the social network, taking a picture of your Romeo/Juliette and claiming “this man/woman taught me how to love myself for who I am really”…… (violons playing in the background).

Lately I have posted videos, nothing very special, not a good lightening, just using my phone, adding a tiny filter before posting because I am not in my 35 years anymore…. and against all odds I had positive reviews. I was very surprised as I did not expected it at all.

In one day I “won” 30 new followers!!!!

That I lost in the next 48 hours….. then I thought is there any followers fights on IG? And I start to understand how it works.

So you are posting a video. You receive comments such as “love it, continue your good job”, then after the new like, you have a new follower.

You then go on the account who just followed you and you notice that this account is having 10,000 followers, your ego is fully boosted, you then decide to follow it, because after all this person is giving you a place in the list.

Once it is done in the next 24 or 48 hours this person will be unfollowing you. That is how it works. Like, follow, unfollow.

Also I learned that you can buy “likes” on Facebook.

To become listed on TripAdvisor no one will come to your place to check it (it is not the Michelin Guide). You just need to put some reviews to some places, then you will be able to list your space, then from it your family and friends will be able to put a positive reviews and then the machine has started, you are “finally” listed on Trip Advisor, what a joke right?

There are some Yoga studios who asked before hiring a new teacher how many followers they have on their IG. When you know that reality TV people can have 1 millions followers just by brushing their hairs you quickly notice that this is one of the best superficial world where we are living.

Social networks do not mean anything.

Ten years ago when I was looking for a job studio used to give me a time slot, I was paid about 3€ per students, then if I was able to fill the course we will continue to work together, if not then we will change the time slot for another one and so on. So yes I have been teaching for 12€/hour and I was fine with it, that was the beginning of my teaching.

I also understand how new students can be impressed by it as well, when you  see all pictures and you decided to go in the studio to attend your first yoga class you can be slightly impressed before pushing the door.

Social Networks can become a ego booster but also can kill our self-esteem.

I think our society has lost the common sense of what is real and unreal.