The business of Yoga Teacher Training Course is getting bigger and bigger each year.

Because of its popularity it becomes problematic. The problem is not only because of too many Yoga Schools but also because of the participants.

1. Most of the “Yoga Students” are not practicing

Too many people are attending Yoga Teacher Training Course without any experience or without any practice. They would have participate to one or two yoga classes, would have read article about “how to change your Life by becoming a Yoga Teacher”, and most of it would have found that they can learn it in only 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

Therefore it is very easy, people are truly thinking that in one month course they can change their life and teach Yoga.

It seems then that everyone on this Planet is unhappy and the answer might be in Yoga and only in Yoga.

You can also find some Yoga Teacher Training courses held by new fresh graduate students, some schools in India do not even hesitate to hire their own foreigns students after the certification course. In Bali for instance there is Yoga course where teachers are just newbie in Yoga. Basically they just finished their course.

2. Learning Yoga in India is mandatory

Many students are traveling to India to attend a Yoga Teacher Training course. As Yoga is from India they believe that all Indians are practicing Yoga. Which is basically a wrong concept.

You might be surprise to realise that many Indians Yoga Teachers are not practicing Yoga at all. You can meet them in Rishikesh, Goa, Mysore. As a foreigners we tend to be admirative when we heard Sanskrit language, however many scholars are speaking Sanskrit as far as it is they are not practitioners neither teachers.

After their TTCs in India most of the students write on their curriculum that they have learned Yoga in a traditional way with their Indian Teacher, after one month. Of course it sounds good and nice on the paper, if you are a fully beginner in Yoga you might be impressed. Still it does not create a Yoga Teacher.

3. Yoga Schools are surfing on the Yoga wave

Of course they are surfing on it, what’s wrong with it? Someone has to do the job right?

On a dozen of applications only 2 or 3 students are practitioners, for others attending a Yoga Teacher Training course might be interesting in the sense where they will finally realised that a personal practice might be useful for them in order to become a Yoga Teacher.

Wether they will continue to train themselves with others schools, or better option they will start to consider seriously their yoga practice.

In the end even when Yoga Teacher Training Courses are fully booked only few of yogic aspirants can really teach after it. Others might teach for a while, surfing on the Instagram account, selling themselves by showing and demonstrating asana, writing spiritual sentence because after all they saw the light of Yoga, but on a long run they won’t sustain.

4. If you have a regular practice and commitment (tapas) then a Yoga Teacher Training Course might help you

As previously said the problem of Yoga is not that much because of Yoga School but also because of people who have absolutely no clue about Yoga.

If people were willing to be honest with themselves and ready to dedicate to their practice to the Asana then the practice of Pranayama will come naturally, with a calm mind the practice of Yamas and Niyamas will then occur, by it they will start walking on the Yoga path where they will start digging into themselves, discovering their true nature, knowing who they are, they will also understand that the Path is not an easy one, it is really hard to understand ourselves, to get rid off our old patterns.

Yoga practice is a discipline, it is not about taking a selfie, posting it on Instagram with a spiritual sentence claiming how much you are practicing Ahimsa because your turn vegan and showing a very complicated impressive asana in your new yoga pants costing 100€. I really admire JP Sears for it, he completely desecrate the Yoga practice.

Do not become a “cliché” of a yoga Teacher. Social Networks are full of it, do not become a yoga teacher because you want to help people feeling better in their lives… it is just a reflection of your own issues.

Do not become a yoga Teacher because you want to become rich by organising expensive Yoga Retreats in secluded place, it won’t work, or it might be working for a while but on a long run people will know (hopefully) that you are not practicing yoga but just selling dreams by yoga workshops explaining how to activate the Muladhara Chakra in a week course.

Become a Yoga Teacher because you know who you are, because you want to and can translate the asana from your body to your mouth to your students.

Become a Yoga Teacher beacause you are looking for yourself and are willing to start over and over until you find it.

That is the only way you can teach what you have been through. Yoga is all about finding ourself, it is only when we know who we are that we can start spreading good vibes because whatever happens next won’t affect you in any matter. The past remains the past, the futur is unknown but as you are living in the present moment you are well aware of what is going on.

Many Yoga Teacher are unbalanced, for instance Yoga teachers constantly exposing themselves on Social Network are looking for love, recognition, I don’t think it is pretty healthy to daily post your practice, okay we understood you are practicing daily but there is not point of showing it all the time.

In the end it seems that these teachers want to show how their lives are awesome comparing to yourself, and this is how you find newbie in Yoga starting posting the same asanas all over the place.

Do not try to copy paste people, become you and only You are amazing.