Source: TMC School – Thai Massage School of Thaïland located in Chiang Mai

Yoga Thaï Massage or Nuad Bo’Rarn is a discipline as old as 2500 years.

Thaï Massage was developed in Thaïland by the Thaï people in ancient times with influences from Chinese massage techniques and the Indian Life force theory as mentioned in the Buddhist teachings and may be based on therapeutic pressure points.

There are two types of Yoga Thaï Massage.

Royal Thaï Massage

Royal Thaï Massage is used mostly for therapeutic purposes.

The practitioner must use only hands, palms and primarily thumbs when performing. The massage is performed through pressure, palm press, the “Giver” (the practitioner) need to have strong hands and fingers. Therefore some pre requisite can be asked by schools, such as yogic exercices in order to gain more strength.

Utpluthih is one of the yogic exercice, called as “floor lifting exercise”.

Posture Utpluthihi

Picture taken 2014 in Thaïland

The Giver must maintain an arm’s length distance from the recipient’s body (the Receiver) throughout the session with exception for some positions that require movement and necessitate being closer to the body. The practitioner must maintain as little physical contact with recipient as possible, touching only with massage hands.

The recipient must not be massaged in the prone (face down) position unless it would help improve recipient’s condition. The reason for this exception is due to the belief that the person in higher position should not lay face downward in gesture of submission. The massage begins at the knees and moves upward, leaving the legs and feet until last, unless the recipient’s condition requires otherwise.

No stretching position should be administered. However, there are some exceptions when the practitioner follows the tablet which may contain some stretching. They should maintain politeness at all times.

Folk Thai Massage

This type of massage is popular not only in Thailand but a preferred Thai massage around the world. It has been practiced in most Thai households for generations.

In oldest time when peasants or farmers came back home, all family members sat behind each other and were performing massage to each others. All generations were mixed. If you are travelling to Thailand you will notice that outside of touristic spot, there is Thai Massage everywhere. It is cultural.

As per Thai culture, massage builds love and harmony in the family.

There are different schools. Some of them start the protocole from the feet, others start from the head. That is what I learned at Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai highly recommended.

We start the massage with the receiver sit on the mat, and start the pressure from the skull, neck, clavicule bone, arms, hands, spine, feet. The giver used thumbs press, palm press, elbow press, foot press.

Folk Thai Massage is performed with all four main positions, lying face downard, face upward, on the side and in the seated position unlike the Royal Thai Massage that avoids the face downward position.

All pressures and movements has to be done from the heart with precision in a simple manner.

The more the practitioner is advanced into his/her practice, the more the yoga thai sessions becomes a dance between the Giver and the Receiver. From pressure started the limb manipulation in which the receiver is guided through movements without moving.

The connection between the giver and the receiver is very strong. When giving the massage the giver needs to observe the receiver, there is no discussion involved as the massage is taking place in a quiet environment.

However the receiver should communicate to indicate if the pressure is to light or to strong.

At all time the receiver has to be in a comfortable pace of mind.

Pression has to be done on one exhalation. The more the practice is going deeper the more the breathing of both will be connected.


The massage is not done “skin to skin”; both of the participants are wearing long clothes, amples and comfortable. Appropriate outfit is simple, comfortable and not exposing when bending.

Nails has to be short. Long nails are not convenient for giving any message.

Neat hair with a help of a rubber band.

Feet and hands need to be clean as well.

Smoking before giving a massage is not recommended.


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